Do Unto Others As You Want Done Unto You.

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Unlike the behavior portrayed by this soldier, Mr.¬†Trump’s interpretation of the above divine command seems to be polar opposite. This soldier appears to be completely at ease in his interaction with these children who would never be able to set foot on U.S. soil if Mr. Trump is ever elected president, because they are Muslim. He accused every Muslim of being a terrorist, accused every Mexican of being a rapist and a criminal, and all minority groups as intruders who need to be kept away by erecting a wall that would prevent them from entering the U.S.

It would be so interesting and enlightening to see inside the brain of both individuals (The soldiers, and Mr. Trump). Their motives are certainly different. While the soldier is ready and willing to sacrifice his life driven by the motive and intention to defend the weak against the tyranny of an oppressive regime, terrorist militia, or an invader, Mr. Trump’s motive on the other hand, is self-serving. His use of all possible means ethical and unethical, appropriate and inappropriate, in addition to disregarding the very values America was built upon, is simply to arrive at his ultimate goal to sit in the Big Chair. He is ignoring that his own ancestors were immigrants once. Also ignoring that had they not sought a better life for themselves and their descendants in America, Mr. Trump wouldn’t be where he is today.

What really pains me is the sheer number of good decent Americans who, disillusioned by a government that keeps promising the moon and delivers noting but false hope are ready to wager another bet on yet another solicitor who has already been caught in many lies. Can one expect good to come out of evil, or truth from lies?

I truly believe in the inherent goodness of man, and I believe that if Mr. Trump and those who are rallying behind him take few moments to retire to the innermost part of themselves that truly loves and honors God, they would be able to see what truly matters and be totally changed.

The last I checked America’s currency still says “IN GOD WE TRUST.” How do we show that we indeed trust in God?

The God that Jesus honors wants human beings to be kind and compassionate to each other, to feed the poor, to clothe the naked, and to shelter the wayfarer. What would Jesus do had He been here today? Do we truly care? are the questions each of us should be asking.

If we truly cared we would do what Jesus (peace and blessing be upon him) would do. But if we don’t do what He would do, than we can’t really claim to be His flock or His followers. We should closely consider whose values we truly honor and care about.

Separation from God takes place when the individual is not following God’s Commandments, and that happens so insidiously that most of the time we are even aware that we have drifted away from the safe shore and from God’s protection. We should not be lured by the green hues of the grass on the proverbial other side of the fence. We need, with due diligence, with conscientious effort to pull out the invasive and noxious weed of greed, corruption, injustice, institutionalized racism and¬† ethnocentrism, etc. to make the grass greener right here on this side of the fence, our side of the fence, the poor side of the fence, the helpless side of the fence.

From a nation that ends every national address and every national convention speech with “God Bless America”, awareness of God’s decree and observance of His commandments is required.

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