My War Against Satan Episode #002: A More Elaborate Introduction

Episode #002: A More Elaborate Introduction

This is my second episode after the brief introduction. I hope and pray to God it will accomplish the intended purpose of bringing into awareness that the flesh is indeed, weak as proclaims the famous statement. And that weakness can be exploited to the max by Satan, if we do not stand firm with conviction in adherence to our creator’s guidance and commandments.

This Podcast is for individuals who believe in Creation. Beware! It will make you think, and use your God-given ability to reason.

Those who believe otherwise are welcome to check it out, at least out of curiosity. It never hurts to know how the other side thinks.

So please, visit often. You are also welcome to leave a comment or a question.

One thought on “My War Against Satan Episode #002: A More Elaborate Introduction

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