What If you Were Wrong?

One Day, It might Just Happen…

             Prove to me that God does not exist


There are some exemplary people who do a lot of good in the world, who are equitable, fair, just, considerate, respectful of the rights of others, and just all around lovely, but who do not believe in heaven or hell, God or the devil. They feel that they are in control of their thoughts and actions and they follow their moral compass without sway. They actually don’t find it difficult to stand firm in their belief, and don’t feel tempted to cheat someone out of their money or their goods. They don’t oppress the weak, don’t take advantage of those who work for them, etc.

These people would be affirmed in their conviction that there is no such a being as Satan who influences people to be selfish and do bad things. After all, they are living proof. They never feel tempted to do something bad by any moral standard, and even if they do feel tempted they are able to talk themselves out of it without any significant effort. They might think others who claim otherwise are just too weak of character, of intention, or of disposition. That reasoning is justifiable and logical. However, the case can also be made that for those who do not believe in the existence of God, Satan does not have to fight for their soul. They have already made their choice. His goal is to turn away those who believe in God, and who if left to their own devices might become too loyal to God as Job was. Satan does not even have to bother with those who do not believe in God altogether, whether they do good or bad.

What I would like to tell these individuals is simply this: “What if you were wrong? What if there is a Heaven, a Hell, a Judgment Day, and a God who will determine where you will go for Eternity based on your own choice? After all there is even less proof to support that God does not exist than there is that supports the contrary.

Brother or sister, whatever it is that might have turned you away from institutionalized religions–and I am the first to say, there is a lot in institutionalized religious practices that justifiably warrant such a turn off, it is not a good reason to deny God’s existence altogether. The relationship to God is a close and personal one for each individual. No one will find God in a Church, a Temple, a Mosque, a synagogue, or any place of worship for that matter, if they don’t have God in their heart to start with. Please, you owe it to your own soul to do some research, to reason, to contemplate, and arrive at your own conclusion based in facts, not based in your disappointment in the acts or deeds of those who claim to be religious, but who are in fact ungodly and are driven by their own lust, greed, and other self-serving sentiments.

I can argue with scientific facts mentioned in the Qur’an for the existence of God. Can you argue for God’s non-existence?

May God guide us all to the truth and to the straight path. Ameen.

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