About Me



My name is Najat Mounir. I am extremely disheartened by the current events around the globe. I feel compelled to voice my belief, view, and opinion about why this is happening, and why there has always been dissension among mankind as a species since our creation.

I wanted to create a Podcast as my battle field of Jihad against the sworn enemy of mankind. I vow to keep speaking against him, and do whatever in my power to alert my brothers and sisters to open their eyes and identify the portals within (selfishness, greed, anger, lust, pride, etc.) that allow the enemy in.

I am new to this medium of communication, and I am aware it will take few trials and errors before it is fully functional. I will strive to learn all I can to optimize and achieve its intended goal. But for now my goal is to create a platform from which the audio part can be launched.

Thank you for visiting. And please give constructive criticism and comments. This is intended as a tool of healing, not of strife. My firm belief is that as a species, we need to build one another up not crush each other to the ground. As one family, all descendants of Adam and Eve, peace, love, and harmony will sustain our species. Hate, greed, injustice, jealousy, selfishness, pride, and all other negative attributes will lead to our extinction and destruction.

May God shine His light in our heart, and lead each and every one of us to identify the areas therein that need cleansing and healing.

Yes! We sure can...

Yes! We sure can…